A Holistic Approach – Business Networking For Wellness Industry

The Perfect Storm Of Opportunity

What does it mean for your business to becoming successful?

Well, you just need to make sure you have a healthy and productive team of individuals.

But, a successful business requires extraordinary effort. Business networking and attending events, to name a few, consumes a lot of energy.

If you are not healthy enough, you will end up losing a connection.

That is why various local business networking groups are encouraging networking aspirants to change its focus to health and wellness.

Being in this industry provides a lot of benefits. It is also the easiest industry to do the right business networking effectively. This emerging trend of health and wellness industry, as well as networking, is a great combination of today and tomorrow’s opportunity.

In fact, every individual wants to stay healthy and live longer. These are evidence that wellness industry never misses its drive.

Today, there are a lot of promising results. Losing weight, preventing sickness and diseases, looking and feeling younger as you age is possible. Hence, the wellness industry supports optimal health and improves the quality of life.

By just attending one event, you can always ensure that health is the main goal besides earning profit through business networking.


The Potentials Of Health And Wellness

The health and wellness industry continues to evolve.

The focus on creating a new generation of medicines to treat various diseases developed a new era of preventing the cause of it. There is also a growing awareness of body’s natural physiological capabilities.

So, why does this have so many potentials?

For one, wellness provides low risk and flexible. Needless to say, wellness industry caters everything about health. Therefore, the risk is very minimal.

Wellness turns out to be flexible as it does not only provide treatment; it also offers prevention and maintaining good health.

Second, wellness industry gives you more time for your family and business. Running a business consumes lots of energy. If you have used all your energy on business, you will have less time spending on your family.

Engaging yourself in a wellness industry networking event allows you to learn how to spend time wisely without even sacrificing your business or your family.

Wellness industry is adaptable to all workplace and at home. People who are interested in health and wellness networking events will definitely increase the knowledge about health, fitness, treatment and prevention on various diseases.

Why Network Your Own Business?

Majority of the people today wants to own a business. But, only a few of them succeeded.

The main reason why most businesses fail is that they do not know how to network their business. They mostly focus on promoting their business instead of knowing the clients’ needs.

Business networking is not a new method, but it continues to evolve collaborating with the technology’s innovation.

Whether you like it or not, whichever industry you are with, networking will always be a part of your business.

Money Aspect

The most important reason why you should network your business is money. In every networking event, there is always a potential to earn once you get the right contact.


In networking your business, you will also have the freedom to promote what you are passionate about. You will have the flexibility to do the things that excite you and not because you are obliged to.

Networking is Easy

With the advancement of technology today, networking is made easy. There are various tools that will help you find the right networking group and be with the people you are comfortable with.

In fact, it is very possible to build local and international networking group through the use of the internet. Therefore, you earn from your business; you also have the opportunity to travel whilst doing the business.

Networking A Business You Know About

Wouldn’t be a great challenge for fitness professionals to make a shift on entrepreneurship?

Effective marketing techniques and strategies should be mastered in order to promote your business.

But, the question is – where would you start? How will you be able to do it?

Basically, few marketing tactics would come up into your minds such as print advertising, flyers distribution and all others. But, the most effective way to develop a business is through networking.

To be cliché, business networking has a combination of art and science. It is also a skill where you will have the time to practice and improve. Here’s how:

Join The Right Associations

Various networking groups are widespread on the internet, thus, it is very easy for you to make a research.

Look for organisations and events online that are relevant to the nature of your business or profession. Then, test them out.

Attend An Event

If you are ambiguous to sign up in any organisation, you can start attending a free event.

Determine which group works best for you. Start pointing out where you can connect with other people.

Set A Goal

When attending an event, it is best recommended to set your goal first.

Be it as simple as introducing yourself and make conversations with few people. But, you don’t have to introduce yourself to all the people attending the event.

Thank The Host

Remember to thank the host or the event organiser.

Start a conversation with the leaders so make a point of introducing yourself as well. Learn more about the organisation before leaving the event.

Conversation, Not Sales

Most people forgot to know the main purpose of networking. Going to a networking event is about building a relationship, not making a sales pitch.

In growing your business means making yourself trustworthy and being helpful to others. Refrain from talking more about you instead make an effort to listen and show interests in them.

Use Your Business Cards

Always bring a bunch of business cards each time you attend networking functions. After you build a rapport, make sure you have exchanged business cards.

Follow-Up And Attend Future Events

A successful business networking never stops on one event only. Make a simple follow-up and look for events where your contacts are also going.

Be A Contributor

If you have the confidence to participate in organising an event, go ahead.

Absolutely, you have a guarantee to captivate your audience during the event. New contacts will come to you and enquiries about your business would be possible.

So, if this idea makes sense to you, chances are, you are on the right track.

Believe in the idea that business networking can also grow and expand fitness, health and wellness industry today.



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Clwyd ProbertA Holistic Approach – Business Networking For Wellness Industry