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Networking Events In London - Example 01The BNI London site has been put together to provide a central resource for any business within London who is interested in learning more about networking events in London, England. The website is maintained by BNI members (not the BNI main organisation), so you will get an impartial opinion of the benefits to be had from membership. If you are thinking about joining a BNI group, then get in touch and we will advise you on the best group to join for your particular business and location.

We have been members of the business networking community in London for many years, we know the best places to meet and the groups that are most effective in generating revenue. We can put you in touch with these groups and advice on what we think would be best for your business. We can also provide information on upcoming training such as presentation skills workshops and others.

In our experience, we have found that there is a great variety of business networking groups scattered around the capital and they are not all equal. Some tend to be focused towards a few select industries, others are more general in nature. Some generate very large revenue for their members; For example we know of several groups who are passing more than £2 million pounds worth of business between members each year. Others are only generating a very small portion of that figure and it is not always obvious from the outside which one is the best for your business.

How To Evaluate A Good Business Networking Group

  1. How many members does it have? Larger groups tend to be much better as there are more opportunities to do business. The smaller groups are always trying to attract more members so spend more time on recruitment rather than networking. Try to join a group with thirty or more members.
  2. What is the mix of business types within the group? Many groups are dominated by the ‘trades’ such as electricians, builders, plumbers etc. If this is your sector then search out a group like this, if not then think carefully before joining. Maybe try a group with a more West End Focus or London City venue.
  3. Always attend at least two meetings. By coming back to the same group, you will get a much better feel for the way the group works. If you see a lot of business being passed between members in the first visit, is this repeated on your return? If so it may be a good group, alternatively that may have been a flash-in-the-pan.
  4. Ask the members how long they have been part of the group and if they have been there for more than a year. If a lot of members are long time attendees then it is a strong indicator that this is a good group and a lot of business is being passed around.
  5. How close is the meeting location to your home or your business? If you have to travel a long way to make a meeting then you may not keep up with the regular timetable required.

We maintain a database of all of the current BNI groups in London and can introduce you to the directors of these groups. We can check to see if your business type is already represented, so you don’t waste your time and we can provide help and advice on selecting the best and closest group to you.

Because we are not owned and run by the BNI network itself, we can also provide impartial guidance on any other London networking events that we come across in the capital. There are many of these running at any one time, often they are not well promoted, so it’s useful to get on our mailing list and we will keep you up to date with intelligence reports from around the capital.

Some Good Things We Like About The BNI System

  • Regular meetings at the same location provides a way to build long term relationships with other local business owners
  • A formal structured agenda keeps everything on-track. It’s a system that has been refined and tested over many year and it works as a way to generate referrals
  • Records are kept of referrals given and business generated. This makes it easy to compare one group to another and make sure that you are getting a good ROI
  • Formal, cheap training is provided as a service to all BNI members. It is important to take advantage of this as it can improve your chances of getting business from the group. Many members are nervous about talking in front of others and presentation skills workshops, network workshops and chapter building training are all provided

For company owners search for the best networking events London, we think that the BNI system of business networking can work for any business type, but it is not always perfect for every business. We have opinions on what businesses do particularly well and which ones need to work harder to get the most out of the system. We would be happy to share our opinion.

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