Acing Business Networking Events in London: Expert Tips for Newbies

Doing great in London networking events can help you propel your company to success. It’s a chance for you to enhance your business’ profile by bringing it to the attention of potential partners and clients. Even with Casanova’s charm, however, as a newbie, you probably will still have some apprehensions about networking. Here are some tips that can prove valuable in your preparations.

The Psychology of Networking

Set a Goal

Make sure you are networking with the right group. Research the group members’ business profiles, and know your own by heart so you can position your company as the best solution to the other members’ needs should the time for business talk come.

Study Body Language

The way you stand, your gestures, handshake— every move you make provides a glimpse of what you truly think/feel, at least to the keen-eyed. By reading body language, you’ll know if a person is interested in what you have to say or if you’re already losing him/her. The advantage is, you can do something about it before he walks away. Business is basically money and mind games, so better study both crafts.

Be Curious About Them

An adage goes, “the sweetest word to a man is his name”. People naturally like to talk about themselves because, yes, vanity is naturally wired to the human brain. Now that you know this, refrain from taking the centre stage. Listen, but talk sensibly when called for. Ask open-ended questions about others’ achievements, work, and opinions on business matters and the like. You can make people feel good by taking an audience’s role when they flaunt their expertise.

Never Be Pushy

Regardless of how pressured you feel, don’t go around handing business cards to people you barely talked to, particularly those who are in the middle of a conversation. This is simply rude and annoying. Strike a conversation first and then give your card at opportune moments. suggests you practice networking even if you’re not in business events, like in social gatherings. If you get used to networking practices in less formal settings, the skill will come naturally to you. If you exercise your networking skills only when you have to, chances are, you’ll feel stressed and anxious when in these events.

As soon as you feel ready to join networking events in London, search for organizers online, such as BNI London. These companies can help you find the best occasions, depending on your company’s needs and the industry you’re in.

Remember that it just takes seconds to create a lasting impression. With adequate preparation and knowing networking dos and don’ts, you’ll certainly be able to create good business opportunities.

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Clwyd ProbertAcing Business Networking Events in London: Expert Tips for Newbies