Business Networking 101 For Mompreneurs

Business networking has no borders. It does not only comprise of entrepreneurs; it is also composed of working mums or simply called as “mompreneurs”.

Being a mompreneur is a challenging task, especially if you have kids to take care of. It can be a scary world out there if you are considering going back to work force after you have been a stay-at-home mum for a while.

Although working mums have a hard time balancing and networking their business and personal life, they can still do the most effective networking by connecting real life connections.

Combining Networking And Playdates

You will absolutely have a fantastic connection if you start building a relationship with like-minded individuals. Start with your friend. You can ask her where the best place to do the networking is. You can also ask your friend to join with you to build confidence.

The internet is also another best source to find the right networking group. Since you are a working mum, look for local networking groups that are relatable to your situation.  You can also join women-centred networking groups.

Business networking doesn’t mean you have to take yourself away from your kids and family. As a matter of fact, you can get your kids involved. You can really use your time efficiently if kids are involved whilst you are trying to grow your business at the same time. Various local business networking groups are offering a combination of networking and playdates.

Always remember, you need to learn from others in order to get help spreading the word about business networking. Keep in mind that none of the networkers can know-it-all or do-it-yourself.

However, this can also be a not so relaxing venture for you.  Some kids need to be supervised and this can lessen the time of your conversation. Hence, you need to choose networking groups where members’ kids have the same age as yours.

Benefits of business networking for mompreneurs

Benefits Of Networking For Working Mums

Women are believed to have a powerful word of mouth; they are made to be social creatures. But, promoting their own business can be tough especially if you have kids. By far, networking provides a lot of benefits for you.

For one, you understand women networking. It helps you build a lasting, significant relationship. Networking with similar sentiments in life gives you the comfort to listen and be listened as you share what you are passionate about.

Second, networking with fellow working mums gives you the opportunity to discover new ways to make a difference in the lives of mompreneurs like you. This also gives you the idea on how your networking is not working. Networking also provides an opening to meet a new community with diverse women and learn about the industries they represent in.

Third, business networking positions yourself as a leader if you want to become one. This also gives you the option to change in career or if you want to investigate some options which lead your way to success.

What else can networking do for you? There are still many. To sum it up, it increases your visibility and credibility to the targeted audience. It provides new resources to grow your business, discover new opportunities, and help connect with other people.

Re-entering the workforce of business networking

Re-Entering The Workforce Of Networking

Do you consider re-entering the workforce again despite being a mum? Perhaps, you never have the time to network seriously. Either way, networking can be an ideal way for you to earn your self-confidence and value.

Create Personal Connections

If you have trouble connecting, try re-connecting. Although it would be easier to start connecting with your friends, a new connection is still an ideal option. Start calling people who have rarely spoken with.

Social networks are the most popular and effective way to connect and reconnect with people these days. See what your former friends are doing via Facebook or invite some of your colleagues on LinkedIn or Twitter.

It’s Not What You Know, But Who You Know

Connecting with people in business networking groups is not about what you actually know; thus, it is about who you really know.

Know how to approach a person to develop a good impression. So, maintain an eye contact and be a good listener. This will give you an opportunity to answer appropriately since you are showing an interest to a person.

Keep in mind that your goal in returning to the workforce of networking is not as many people as possible; hence, to build a lasting relationship to those who really meet.

Prepare In Advance

Business networking might be boring if you are not prepared. Therefore, don’t come unprepared. Plan few topics you can talk about or anything that breaks the ice. You can do research about the recent news, trends and relevant issues.

Sincerity Really Pays Off

A relationship is not an easy foundation to build, but it develops over time with sincerity. Always prepare luxury business cards for follow-ups afterwards.

Start connecting with them via social networks, email or contact them through a phone call. The sooner you begin to network; these people will connect to you and recommend you to other individuals they also know.

Insights For A Busy Networking Parent

The internet makes it very easy to find and network with like-minded people. If you are a professional entrepreneur, you can find many.

If you are a working mum, you can also find a lot of networking groups. There are also several sites where you can learn and understand better ideas, ask questions and perhaps, share resources.

Nevertheless, you still have to be cautious when joining a local business networking group, forum and sites. It cannot be denied that some of these groups turn into nothing but breeding grounds of gossip, ranting, discontentment and self-promotion.

Instead, look for groups that are full motivated, energised, and resourceful to help you even if you are not seeking one. Be willing to give and value the people in your group, regardless of who and what they are.

Remember, business networking is for everyone. Mompreneurs like you will always have a special place in the business industry.




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