Business Networking For People Who Hate Networking

Golden Rule

Accept it; you always see that business networking is filled with desperate career climbers eating pretentiously and portraying treacherous charms. This may be true but it is still a pointless exercise. With this kind of attitude, you will never grow as a matured and responsible person.

Networking has been in the business ever since. It only became at its height when internet marketing is gaining its momentum. Being active in various social networks makes you gain more connections and earn more profits.

On the other hand, there is only one reason why most people really hate networking. They have been doing it wrong all over again and they fail. Networking is not all about false and superficial images of yourself. Networking is about spreading how eccentric you are to people. Networking is all about building a relationship and helping one another. There may be many versions of the golden rule, but it can be paraphrased succinctly.

Treat Others How You Want To Be Treated

It may be logical, but why not? This golden rule always comes into play in business networking events. Whether you are an introvert or extrovert, your colleagues will eventually treat you on how you present yourself. If you are an introvert, you preferably nervous staying in a corner waiting for nothing. As an end result, you came home unhappy.

Treat Others How They Want To Be Treated

This concept is revolutionised with interactions and communications, regardless if you are an introvert or extrovert. This is also popular and frequently done in various multi-day seminars, which commonly called as the platinum rule.

This rule is more effective than the golden rule. It is easy. You can quickly assess another person’s preferences. You have the flexibility to modify yourself to complement others. However, this rule also requires adapting and modifying communication with every person you have met.

How to evade the most awkward situation to love business networking

How To Evade The Most Awkward Situations?

Conversations seem easy enough for others. This is what a typical business networking scenario should be. You talk and they talk back. But, what if you are caught up in a most awkward situation? If you mishandled it, you would probably hate networking for life.

These kinds of situation always happen especially if you just have met this person in an event. You are not alone. These tips will help you out on how to cope up yourself in an awkward situation.

Give Compliments

Every time you receive a compliment from others, it makes you feel good. Use this concept to avoid mistakes in an awkward situation. Give compliments to that person. Make sure it is honest. It may not be easy but you can be objective. Surely, this person has an attitude you undeniably admire. Giving out compliments is also a way to break the ice.  Asking an advice should follow afterward.


Many people are trapped in an awkward situation because they do not actually listen. Business networking is a give and take relationship. You need to listen and not just basically, listening to his talks. Listening is about understanding the message of the person talking. Make comments as this will show that you pay attention. Repeat back key sections and don’t hesitate to ask questions to move forward with your discussions.

Ask The Right Questions

If you are a good listener, you can ask the right questions as well. It’s a domino effect. Although asking a lot of questions makes you look like a better conversationalist, it also signifies you do not listen well.

Be Yourself

This phrase might be overly used, but it has different approach in business networking. Being yourself in a conversation during the event must show a body language of self-confidence. You must tone down your voice correctly and feel relaxed. Basically, it is an idea of faking but not too much confidence or trying hard. Emphasize what you only know and apply a little acting. Make sure it has still relevance with your real personality.

Avoid Dominating A Conversation

Nobody wants a dominant person especially in a conversation. Every person in the event will hate you. This is what extroverts’ common mistakes. They mostly do the talking and always on-the-hype. Keep in mind that it will never be called a conversation if there is not interaction. If you can’t stop yourself from talking, avoid talking about your favourite topic.

Stop the hate and learn to love business networking

Stop The Hate; Learn To Love Networking

It is time to stand up and learn to love the world of business networking. Stop the hate and start evaluating yourself to achieve not only success but growth as a person.

Adapt Networking To Suit You

Forget networking events that advices you to behave in a certain way. Avoid forcing yourself acting and trying to blend in with the people around the event. You may be just stuck up in an awkward situation and hate networking again. If you don’t like big crowds, then so be it. You can always arrange a one-on-one meeting. Remember, networking is not all about talking; it is more on listening and helping.

Less Is More

Attending a lot of events doesn’t mean you will gain a lot of contacts as well. But, it would be ideal to be selective in attending an event. This way, you will get more focused on what you can get on that particular meeting.

Help Out

Most often, networking is defined and conceptualized by people more on selling. You need to know that networking is an event where you will have the opportunity to help out others. To do the right and successful networking is helping others to build a trusted relationship.

Attending in a networking event is just the beginning of your connection. To further expand your relationship, make a follow-up with the people you have met in the event. You can use social networks or set-up a date with them.

That’s the formula of business networking for people who hate networking.



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