Business Networking – The Importance Of Agenda Setting Theory

How do you value business networking? In what particular aspect of it plays an important role? Agenda setting is one of the vital parts in shaping a trusted relationship. Always remember that you cannot create connections without building a trust. Small businesses will never be huge if not with TRUST, whilst, big businesses can never expand without reaching help to small businesses.

What is agenda setting all about?

Agenda setting refers not only what we think but also how we think about an idea. This does not only include the time you have spent, but also the information you have conveyed. It also determines how much a listener has learned from you. This also identifies the amount of importance he has understood from you.

Be a smart technology user.

The advancement of technology provides many opportunities to influence a huge crowd. But, you must also know how to utilise it first to gain and build a relationship with full trust. If you want to create a successful business networking event, you must have a clear purpose. Think of any angle wherein every individual can involve. This is also similar if you are one of these individuals; determine your main goal why you are there. Are you looking for leads, referrals or create a new business?

Setting a scope is also essential.

Determine the size and categorise the industry. Test yourself whether you are there to sit-down, explain or market yourself. It is imperative to set your scope to plan your details, may it be speed networking or one-time event.

Spread the word and time to set your agenda.

If you want to be successful in networking your business, ease socialising. This will enable you to build connections and create a good rapport with others. Start promoting yourself and get their feedback. Never rush yourself, instead make a follow-up and be specific about what you need.

There is no big or small businesses in business networking

Big Business Vs. Local Business – The Bigger Picture

People usually think that big businesses contribute a huge percentage of economic growth. But, don’t you know that local businesses networking groups create more opportunities to support big businesses?

Size itself can be a great advantage because it drives more connection into the world of business. Local businesses may have difficulties in expanding their field. They don’t have enough capital expenditure like the big businesses have. But, large companies need to extend their hands to local businesses because of the bulk needs. Local businesses take the advantage and pacing for expansion because of the demand.

Innovation and Policies

Big businesses have in full control particularly in commercialising their ideas. Local businesses need to interact on a daily basis to promote their product or services. Big businesses also have different working environment. They install a well-defined policy and guidelines. Local businesses set their own rules for their small company.

Risks and Rewards

Local businesses have a huge potential of expanding its business. Big businesses need to maintain its current status to keep a hefty number of patrons.

To sum it all up, there is no big business and local business when it comes to building a relationship with trust. They have their place to excel. It may have its weaknesses, but they utilise it to focus on their targeted audience.

Hence, this goes like in any business networking organisation. You don’t need to be a professional just to get connections. You can be a pizza delivery guy, or perhaps, a couture; the most important thing is you know how to win their trust.

Expand your business networking relationship and build trust

How To Expand Your Networking Relationship

You might wonder why business networking works for others. So, how do they do that?

Know your audience and purpose.

To make it work for you, the steps are actually simple. You just have to know your audience and purpose. You must come up with a gesture where your possible clients usually congregate or hang out. Although everybody knows somebody, the allotted time for you is just limited. You don’t have to know them all, but you need to ensure that once you began talking to someone, make it sensible.

Offer the next step – dating

Dating a client is effective in various business networking groups. Feel the connection you have with the client and discuss possibilities with your business. Take it slow but be precise.

Follow the agenda setting theory

You need to be intentional; follow the agenda setting theory. For a potential client, understand the problems they encountered and offer help. For a prospective partner, get to know them more and check who they are and what they actually do as well. You need to be fruitful during the conversation; it doesn’t matter if you have only talked to one person. The most important part is that you have gained initial trust.

Don't let go and nurture the trust in business networking

Don’t Let Go, Nurture That Trust!

So, how do you know you earn that trust? There are actually three stages of trust – credibility, rapport and belief.


You can determine the depth of your credibility by way of initial contact. It starts with a handshake, then their body language and what they are saying. You will further know them every time they talk about something that is so surreal. If this happens, find another potential client as this is not what they claim to be.


Rapport refers to a scenario wherein both of you can relate to each other. This is also something you are comfortable with. And that, you forget about the time you have spent to this person. Remain to be a good listener, smile, give compliments and seek advice if needed. 


This client will start believing in you if you have fulfilled your promise. You can always ensure that trust is already given if you have delivered your promise. Much more if you have done it quicker.

It takes ages to trust a person and it is also quite difficult to gaining a trust to a person. But once it has achieved, never let it go and don’t allow it to break into pieces. These are just few business networking tips that can work for you and your colleagues. You need to be credible, you need to have a good rapport, and be pro-active.



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