Joining Networking Events in London? 3 Tips to Build Strong Relations

It is no secret that attending London networking events sponsored by reputable business networking services like BNI London is a great way to build strong business relationships with fellow entrepreneurs. In fact, you may even find new customers willing to purchase a product or service you offer!

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Unfortunately, many people are intimidated by the grandeur of networking events. As a result, many first-timers tend to clam up and fade into the background. Of course, such an outcome simply won’t do. If you would like the next networking event you attend to be a successful venture, put the following tips to practice:

Don’t Psyche Yourself Out

One of the reasons why so many people find it difficult to turn attending networking events into a successful endeavour is because they place too much pressure on themselves. Many people think, “This could be my one chance to rub elbows with (insert name here)!” This adds unnecessary mental stress, and cause you to act too nervous to get anything done.

The best way to counter this problematic mind-set would be to think of how you can contribute to the success of networking events in London, instead of focusing on what you want to gain.

Quality Over Quantity

More often than not, people who attend networking events are so caught up in meeting everyone in attendance. Unfortunately, there isn’t enough time to really have a meaningful conversation with every person in the room. This is why you should go for quality over quantity. Go meet the people who you want to meet and spend your time talking about mutual interests and how you can. Twenty minutes with a person you can potentially establish a mutual business relationship with is better than spending the same amount of time with four different people who aren’t interested in what you have to offer anyway.

Introduce People to Others

You may find it difficult to socialise with people in the room, but there is sure to be someone who is having more trouble than you are. In such cases, help a fellow entrepreneur out. Walk up to him or her, have a nice conversation and introduce the person to other people you already know. This small kindness can pay huge dividends in the future. After all, people do not forget kind acts so easily.


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Clwyd ProbertJoining Networking Events in London? 3 Tips to Build Strong Relations