Navigating The Social Media Landscape: Tools For The Job

With so many tools available for London business networking executives, it may be hard to discern which ones can be right for us. Below are just a few things to consider in joining the vast landscape that is social media and all its many intricacies. Here, you can assess which ones are right for you and your business.
The Essentials of Being A Responsible Business Networking Social Media User


Who hasn’t heard of Facebook? The world’s largest social media site will surely be any business networking fellow’s first foray into connecting to the outside world. Apart from its literal billions of connections, its user-friendly website is also recommended for those who are wary or untrusting of social media. Here you can add and follow friends, create pages, groups, and even events that can be used to promote products and events. There are even ads that you can place on Facebook at reasonable prices.

Once you create your profile or page, you will also be tasked to find people you may know in the site. When this happens, you can tap into each of your friends’ personalised connections. The beauty of this is that each person you be-friend adds a new layer of potential networking opportunities that one can explore. The best part is, the more you like, the more fine-tuned it gets to generating relevant friends, pages, and groups for you to join.

What draws people to Facebook is the relative ease of its use to even the most inexperienced user. You can even connect in real time via Facebook chat and video calls for free if you intend to. This and more can make networking with others far easier than before; all you need to do is be in tune with technology enough to create your first account.
Tweet, Follow, Hashtag, Make Your Business Go Viral With Twitter


Much-beloved by world leaders and reality stars alike, Twitter is a novel social media site that has revolutionised the way we communicate with others over the Internet. With a character limit of 140 characters, one is forced to condense a message in order to get to the nitty-gritty of its meaning. The words “tweet”, “follow”, and “hashtag” became part of everyday jargon, which is a feat in itself.

Everyone from the Pope to the Dalai Lama to the cast of TOWIE has an account or been tweeted about at some point. With its relative ease of accessing content and communicating with already established networks, it makes Twitter an obvious choice for those who are looking to tap into younger markets and are not afraid to explore new avenues of interacting with your clientele. Re-tweeting other people’s tweets can lead to more visibility, promoting and communicating in one fell swoop.

With a social media site that revolutionised how we communicate online, that redefines the dictionary, and garners a strong online presence, the proof of Twitter’s success cannot be denied. It only takes a mention or a retweet to cement your chances of getting new followers – or, customers.
Using the Advantage of Instagram for Cross-posting Business Networking Purposes


Another place where hashtags and followers become relevant is Instagram. Out of all the sites mentioned, Instagram can only be fully utilised through mobile operating systems, such as Android and iOS. However, the reach of Instagram cannot be denied, with the need for the world to share more visual media being more and more urgent. Now, anyone can be a budding photographer or artist – with pictures of food and cats along the way.

One can link Instagram to your existing Facebook and Twitter accounts, which will be easier for cross-posting purposes. A drawback of this, however, is it is a little difficult to report images from Instagram onto your own account. There are also features where Instagram content becomes banned for posting seemingly provocative images. If you are in businesses that require aesthetically pleasing products, however, you’re in the right place.

In a world where people have become increasingly visual, Instagram is an easily accessible and fuss-free platform to get your images across in a way that can be curated to your tastes. As followers will be able to look at individual posts as well as your Instagram feed as a whole, it would do well to connect with people here.
Explore The Importance Of LinkedIn For A Successful Business Networking Journey


If you are looking to distance yourself from the colourful world of visually arresting social media, a more professional experience can be had with LinkedIn. Its premise is relatively simple, with users uploading their profiles along with their professional and academic credentials in the hopes of networking. One can easily search for people with the experience and qualifications that one is interested in, and this can lead to the production of a more fruitful networking experience.

It is like “The Voice” of networking sites. Here, what matters are one’s achievements and experience, making merit-based decisions easier and hassle-free. One can also find individuals with highly specialized backgrounds that can be utilised in your business networking activities, making for a more pleasing experience all around.

Although not as visually arresting as social media, this is where you can gain a more academic approach to networking within your age group, social group, and even affiliations. For those whose professions require connections with fellow card-carrying professionals, this is invaluable.
The Unconventional Usage Of Tumblr For Business Networking Towards Success


Blogging and social media rolled into one, Tumblr has gained Internet notoriety for its eccentric, offbeat users that specialise in metaphysical or even sarcastic humour. The term “re-blog” is common, similar to retweeting and reposting. It is also here where most Internet memes are born.

Blogging can be achieved through websites such as Blogger and LiveJournal, but the community interaction within Tumblr is different as it also serves as a platform for people to from and get in touch with pop culture. For products with niche or cult followings, or else entertainment industry vets that want to appeal to a younger and more diverse following, this site may well worth be looking at.

No matter what social media website you choose to promote your products in, the more you engage and promote with these sites says a great deal about one’s commitment to networking and innovation. That’s a plus in any book.


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