Networking Events Can Be a Great Help for Budding Magicians in London

Magicians are fun and engaging people. Some use magic performances as a way to supplement their daily income, but others dedicate themselves completely to their craft and develop it to sublime levels. Meeting other magicians, especially in a social and professional setting such as a networking event, may be intimidating. Fortunately, Michael Kent, a magician and speaker by trade, has been able to use the event to banish his self-doubts and gel with other people.


The above may not be far from the truth for the magician community right in London, England. The city already has a number of magicians’ organisations and specialty magic supplies stores, and chances are, your friends may have even hired at least one magician to mesmerise guests at their social events. If you are a budding magician aiming to break into the scene and establish relationships with people of the same craft, organisers of networking events such as BNI London may be the key to achieving greater wonders.

Shoring Confidence

Every magician needs to be confident about themselves and their skill lest their tricks fall flat when performing in front of an audience. In a study of how magic can generate confidence and social skills among children, University of Hertfordshire psychologist Richard Wiseman said that a magician’s training requires large amounts of self-discipline, a willingness to entertain the audience and studying people’s thinking processes. This can then parlay into the approach you need when some magicians at an event carry enough of a good vibe for you to make an introduction.

Going on Speed

Some networking event organisers have ways of helping participants meet more people in as little time as possible. In Kent’s case, his event organiser ran a speed-networking function. The event calls for the participants to be seated two at a time and will then talk for three minutes.

It is critical to be calm and structured in your introduction and share what you do. At the same time, you should get to know the other person as much as possible, for three minutes can lapse fast. Always remember to observe the Magician’s Code.

Fewer things can be more rewarding than reaching out to more people and establishing a degree of rapport with them. By being yourself and leaving nothing to chance at networking events, there’s always the hope of collaborating with fellow magicians on various projects. So come on, lads and ladettes, the next event is coming!


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Clwyd ProbertNetworking Events Can Be a Great Help for Budding Magicians in London