Networking Events in London Provide Ways to Get Clients and Referrals

With the world becoming a tougher place to do business, many local and SME businesses are on the constant lookout to find ways that would help them keep up with the ever competitive nature of the market. Big conglomerates, with a seemingly unlimited financial resources, can dedicate as much money and people as they want to stay on top. Smaller companies, however, can attend good networking events in London as a way to cost-efficiently get new clients and referrals. Consultant Dorie Clark shares how on The Huffington Post:


Generate New Clients

Odds are, you didn’t get into your profession so you could make sales. … It’s not what you signed up for, but you’re stuck with it. So the graybeards tell you to get out there and hit “networking events.” But will cowering in the corner at a Bar Association meeting actually translate into new clients? Here are eight ways to make it count.

1) Research the attendees and the format.

2) Try to score an intro.

3) Find your commonality.

4) Find a reason to keep in touch.

5) Capture their data.

6) Fast track or slow track?

7) Keep an eye out.

8) Don’t be afraid to ask for referrals.

London networking events organised by reputable companies, such as BNI London, can certainly help many professionals and business executives achieve their desired result of focused marketing strategies. Networking has been said to contribute in many grass root efforts to get new clients and earn much needed referrals from a strong network of acquaintances and contacts, which can add up to more desirable business prospects.

More often, many fail to gain the benefits of attending networking events as they do not know what to look forward to. Some businesses are not even informed of the things they can do to get needed insights on how such events will result in an increased number of clients. Organisers of effective networking events can give local businesses tips on how to interact with their peers, find commonality, and capture data useful to creating good marketing strategies.

Networking events recognise that it is a lot tougher for small and medium enterprises to do business than already established companies. By attending such productive events, businesses can learn from each other on how to be successful at marketing and creating symbiotic relationships that greatly benefit their revenue generation capacities.

(Source: 8 Ways to Generate New Clients From Networking Events, Dorie Clark, Ocotber 11, 2013)

AdminNetworking Events in London Provide Ways to Get Clients and Referrals