Reinventing You In Business Networking

Unpleasant Reality In Networking

Many entrepreneurs strongly disagree reinvention in the field of business networking. For some individuals, reinvention may conjure new age of mysticism or spiritual journey. For businesses, reinvention is more practical. If you want to stay competitive, you need to reinvent yourself.

Reinvention is not a philosophy; it is a form of business insurance. Reinvention may consist of rebranding or refocusing on certain skills and maximising its expertise. If you want to bring your network in the 21st century, you must also need to consider these warning signs. You might be falling into a danger zone of reinventing yourself and what you need to do about it.

Instead Of Solving A Problem, You Come Up With New Features To Cover It Up

Essentially, this kind of action is just a waste of time and effort. It will just ruin your reputation presenting new features just to cover up the issue. What you should do is evaluate the old feature and determine the errors. Make minor changes to elevate.

Starting Over Again If History Doesn’t Work Perfectly

Many people always think that it is easier to start over again especially if history doesn’t work properly. You must always keep in mind that everything falls apart before you can achieve the labour of success. If you want to start over again, it would be ideal to get back on memory lane and do a little research. Take the time asking for pieces of advice. Learn what triggers the failure and know how to do the right way.

Reinventing Similar Wheel With Other Businesses

Do you think your reinventing technique is different from other local business network groups? Perhaps, other entrepreneurs are also using the same wheel. A standard business practice is proven to be ineffective. Get to know if there is someone in your network using the same practice as yours and determine if he moves forward toward success. If not, then it would be ideal to understand how it failed.

Several experts say that you cannot achieve success if you have not tried and failed. Hence, reinventing yourself is just a part of the process.


Negotiating The Hidden Curves

There are actually three vital curves that are hidden and unforeseen by most networkers. If you want to jump on reinventing yourself and your business, you need to focus and learn how to negotiate these hidden curves.


The competition in the business industry is shifting constantly. Monitor these changes and create a new battleground. Look for an industry wherein you can exploit the existing businesses that are not at the peak yet.


Always remember, higher performers invariably create idiosyncratic capabilities. If you want to climb on financial curves, you need to enable your hidden capabilities and utilise it.


Having a serious talent these days is not enough. In fact, most of the companies ignore developing and retaining it. A person with both hidden capabilities and the will drives new business growth. Creating new talent on a consistent basis will also lead you to new connections as well.

To make reinvention possible, you must focus on the edges. This kind of approach will become a long-lasting activity without having stable structures or processes. This also enables you to constantly monitor the peripheries of the market.


Learning The Edge-Centric Strategy

As you advance in your career, you will have more experiences and more connections. To maintain your lead, learn the edge-centric strategy to draw on for networking.

Business networking is facing the same inflection point. Most professional networkers are using various social networks such as Facebook and LinkedIn. They are trying to stand out in the midst of the noise but unfortunately, lose the battle.

You can actually do a successful business networking with the most prominent people by doing something different – reinvent the new YOU – using these methods.

Identify What Sets You Apart

Every individual has an identity. But, this does not mean they have different personalities. Humans in nature have commonality. Therefore, identify what sets you apart. Is your interest boring or lively? One of the fastest ways to build a connection is to find and share camaraderie with your fellow networkers.

Capture their attention by knowing their interests same as yours. Avoid bringing your favourite topics. Ask about the most fascinating elements of their life such as their biography, and things they love doing all the time. The more interesting you are, more people will also seek about you.

Be An Expert; But Not Too Much

Present your field of expertise, but make sure it is the genuine ones. Do not pretend to be a person you are not. In various networking events, you will get to see a lot of professionals in different fields. If you want to outshine others, always ensure that you are prepared and ready to go on a battle. Make a thorough research about the events’ theme as well as the people who will be attending.

Once you attend the event, draw on a topic where you are knowledgeable about. Showing your expertise in a specific niche can often connect you on a playing field with people who might be out of reach by others.

Be The Centre Of The Network

Really, it is not easy to build a powerful network. Thus, the best position to be the centre of the network is to host a party or an event. Begin inviting influential professionals you already know and ask them to recommend the most interesting people they also know. You don’t have to spend a lot; you can start hosting a small party. Since you are the host, you broaden your network and meet different people.

The world is a den of competition where people are seeking attention to the most successful ones. If you want to build a connection with them, reinvent your old practice. Let them come to you, host an event, be an expert and know their interest in business networking.



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