Be Social: 3 Secrets to Enjoy Attending Networking Events in London

There is no denying the fact that attending networking events in London is a great way to meet potential business partners and collect leads. Unfortunately, such events can be intimidating or nerve-wracking for many people, especially so for introverts.

Networking Events

If you view yourself as an introvert, take a deep breath and calm down. There are many ways to make attending a networking event a fun and successful experience. Simply keep the following tips in mind and you’ll easily find yourself having fun and rubbing elbows with fellow successful entrepreneurs:

Search the Internet

First off, you should look for a website for London networking events like BNI London. These sites often find you a networking event that best fits your business profile. That way, you significantly increase your chances of meeting like-minded entrepreneurs.

Moderate Your drinking

Although networking events also function as a social event, never forget that this it is still a gathering of professionals. Consuming alcoholic drinks may help you calm down, but do not drink so much that you end up embarrassing yourself in front of other people. As with any occasion, moderating your alcohol intake is the best course of action, assuming that cocktails and the like will be served.

Change Your Mindset

You attend networking events to meet potential business partners, but don’t psyche yourself up too much that you end up psyching yourself out. An article from Mashable explains further:

All too often, new entrepreneurs and job seekers go into a networking event thinking it’s their one shot to get X, Y or Z. By setting the stakes so high, you suck all the fun out of the event and put an inordinate amount of pressure on your shoulders.

Change your mindset. You’re not there to get. Instead, you’re there to contribute to the event, help others or just learn what other professionals are doing. This little change in thinking will boost your sense of purpose and self-worth and erase that overwhelming pressure. Before you know it, you’ll find yourself having a good time, developing strong relationships and attracting loads of referrals.

Even if you only meet one person during the event, don’t fret. After all, that one person can be your gateway to a world to more leads, referrals, and sales.

(Source: 7 Tips for Surviving & Thriving at Networking Events;; September 21, 2011)

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